Gunite Pools


Gunite Pools

Recognized for designing the finest gunite pools, Millennium Pools are outspoken for its durability, style, value, and aesthetics. A Millennium pool/water body will provide you an elegant and ecstatic outdoor living: the design and construction, that merges with your surrounding environment, transforming your outdoor space into the luxury... Creating a private destination that relaxes you and makes you rid of all your worries.

A Millennium Pool creation will transform your backyard into a personal oasis with

  • A pool of virtually any shape or size- geometric, free-form, overflow/deck area pools and also vanishing/infinity edge pools. The edge surface is carefully laid around the pool.
  • We have a whole range of surface finishing options that you can choose from. There are so many colours and features to choose from that we are sure to achieve the style and look you desire.

Our pools come with multi-level warranties in three key areas : the basic pool structure, the FRP filter shell, and the electromechanical assemblies.

Built by Master Craftsmen

We use a construction technology that is developed and perfected by us. It's called M-Crete - a process based on the shotcrete system that gives you a highly integral, one-piece shell, with smooth and rounded corners. You get a highly compacted "monocoque" shell that's 100% waterproof. We have perfected this technology platform along with Acquaplan - our associates in Switzerland.

What happens while building your pool? Here’s a sneak-peek at our gunite pool construction process:

  • We prepare the site for your pool by creating a “clean space” for our work to begin with.
  • Our excavation crew digs the ground for your pool to fit in with the help of some heavy equipment.
  • We build the boundary in the shape of the pool to shoot the gunite against it.
  • Our plumbers make way for the main drains and floor returns.
  • We install steel rebars to reinforce the pool walls and floor.
  • Our certified gunite nozzle men spray the gunitting mixture behind and around the rebar. The most critical step in ensuring your pools stability and lifetime.
  • We smooth and shape the gunite surface to perfection using appropriate tools.
  • We then install a pumping and filtration system with maximum energy efficiency.
  • We backfill the excavation and install the plumbing system.
  • Our skilled masons build your patio, then install the coping and tile of your choice, turning your pool into a beautiful masterpiece.
  • We complete the pool by applying appropriate finishes for it.

Quality Assurance

At Millennium Pools, quality assurance is the first priority that all over staffs are committed with. Our in-house quality assurance team comprises of


A team that learns all the skills and procedures needed to construct a pool that assures all your pool needs and to your complete satisfaction.


Another team checks and reviews the procedures and designs the pool of your dream to meet up all the construction, renovation and maintenance needs.


A team of experienced people routinely check all the pools we maintain and renovate to ensure all practices meet our quality standards.


A team of researchers follow-up a survey of the pools we constructed and renovated and have a check on the customer satisfaction rate and the service clients.

Build the pool of your dreams with Millennium Pools