Residential Pool Service


Residential Pool Service

Millennium Pools provide you a year-round package (available seasonally or quarterly) of quality maintenance and cleaning services to keep your pool or water body look beautiful like a newly constructed one.

Millennium Pools Service Team

We have a pack of engineers who are assigned for all our projects to give a lifetime service to your pool/water body.

  • One person will be visiting your pool/water body daily for inspection.
  • One engineer will be assigned for AMC to visit your pool on monthly basis.

Maintenance Services

  • Thoroughly cleaning and vacuuming the pool until it gets dried completely.
  • Emptying the skimmer baskets and leaf trapper
  • Skimming debris of water surface
  • Backwashing sand filters
  • Testing the water and balancing chemicals with the help of our exclusive Chemical Engineers.
  • Providing free chemicals

Servicing Your Pool

Meet our professional technicians at your doorstep who will:

  • Re-install all filtration equipment.
  • Service all pumps and filtration equipment.
  • Test the pool heating systems.
  • Check for cracks or other issues on the pool decks.
  • Remove all fittings and skimmer baskets.
  • Air compress all plumbing lines and provide anti-freeze fittings and cover all systems.
  • Make all filter and heating systems freeze-proof.
  • Removing, cleaning and storing the pump motor.
  • Inspect all electrical components.
  • Remove and store all pump accessories.
  • Install pool cover.

Monsoon Services

After a whole phase of rainy season, your pool needs to regain its pristine. But it’s not an easy task. Our team of skilled technicians helps your pool to get rid of this fuss. We do :

  • Inspect your pool or water body.
  • Check pool cover and other fittings.
  • Drain stagnant water above the pool cover.
  • Ensure proper water level in the pool.
  • Check the pool deck area for any cracks/stangnancy
  • Check and maintain chemical balance to help prevent algae growth.
  • Inspect the plumbing and electrical systems.

Quality Assurance

At Millennium Pools, quality assurance is the first priority that all over staffs are committed with. Our in-house quality assurance team comprises of:


A team of experienced people routinely check all the pools we maintain and renovate to ensure all practices meet our quality standards.


A team of researchers follow-up a survey of the pools we constructed and renovated and have a check on the customer satisfaction rate and the service clients.


A Chemical Engineer will be assigned to test your pool water and to maintain its alkalinity, chemical dosing levels, etc.


A Millennium Pool supervisor will be assigned to visit your pool daily to inspect the functioning of your pool and check for any problem.

Reach us out to maintain and service your pool