The Man Behind The Name


About Suresh Bajaj

Protagonist Suresh Bajaj is the chief architect who started Millennium Pools in 1988 with a vision of constructing world class elegant pools all over the world.

He is a visionary and resourceful innovator of varieties of practical pool designs, adapted to suit local conditions from well-developed pool engineering and safety practices prevailed in the modern era of developed countries.

Today, Millennium Pools ranks among the top-most pool builder in India and claims to have constructed some of the spectacular pools nationwide.

The Man Behind The Name

His Award-Winning Thinking

Every Millennium Pools project begins with a personal consultation between the client and a member of our team and concludes the style and nature of the pool or water body as required by the client. Our skilled team works out the project with high accuracy and delivers a heart-soothing product to the clients. Aesthetics is one aspect here, and safety is another. We are committed to using various Pool Safety Techniques with very high precision.

Construction Process

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Plan / project

Personal consultation between the client and a member of Millennium Pools team.

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Bringing the project details together and portraying them into designs.

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Project Building

A team of skilled artisans working together to build your vision to reality.