About Millennium Pools

At Millennium Pools, we have over 30 years of experience in swimming pool design and construction. We have built more than 4500 pools across India, and our team of experienced professionals can take a project from concept to completion – within planned budgets and timelines.

We are committed to building quality and design excellence, and our projects are managed by experienced project teams.

With over 7,500 clients across the country, we pride ourselves on being a reliable and trustworthy company. We have a highly skilled and experienced in-house team of architects, designers, and engineers that use the latest technology inputs in swimming pool construction.

Furthermore, we follow a carefully managed stage-by-stage process to ensure efficient use of time and resources. Consequently, we are confident in our ability to build your pool on time and within the scope of delivery outlined in our proposal.

Vision Statement

Our vision at Millennium Pools is to constantly reach for higher standards. Higher standards in technology, construction processes, and value optimization for the customer. We also want to be recognized as reliable and responsible pool builders in the industry. Now, and in the years to come.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Millennium Pools is to translate our Vision into actionable plans and processes, in more ways than one. In our interactions with our people and work teams. In our interactions with consultants and project partners. And in the management of client relationships. It’s all about people working together towards common goals and objectives.

Core Values


A group of exceptional professional providing services to the common people with collective goals achieved through mutual understanding and respect to each other by sharing ideas and maintaining a positive relationship with one another.


Empathetically listening to others, giving and accepting positive criticism within the group and allowing open access to one another’s information and resources.


Providing sound health mentally, physically and socially well-being with the clients and among ourselves.


The high level of morality and sincerity possessed by all of us in our organization to commit to all our projects.


Commitment to our clients to provide high standard products.


We cultivate a lot of knowledge in ourselves and improving day-by-day with modern techniques.