While Millennium Pools is one finest designer of “vanishing/infinity edge” pools, there’s no design we can’t create, no style we can’t elevate, no vision we can’t match: begin with these options and then get your pool customized as you wish it to be.

Grecian-Roman Pools

It is Ancient Roman and Mediterranean Greek architecture. They are great in backyards of houses that do not have much architectural style due to their simple, yet elegant appearance.

Figure 8 Pool

The design is inspired by natural pool found near the seashore formed into the shape of an ‘8’.

Kidney-Shaped Pools

The retro good looks of a kidney are used with a variety of architectural styles.

Classic Rectangular Pools

With the right landscaping & design touches, a rectangular pool becomes a beautiful outdoor oasis.

Lazy L Pool

When your yard is little small, and it doesn’t seem like you have enough room to support a pool. Then this is best.

Circular Pools

This shape is used for open and larger spaces.

Geometric Pools

The sharp, good looks with unique design features like fountain bubblers, vanishing edges, overflows, and spillways create a symmetrical pool.

Oval Pool

This shape is used for making big pools.

Mountain Lake

The design is inspired by natural, built lakes and ponds around mountains.


Flowing shape and graceful curves give you the freedom to create your natural wonder.