Millennium Services & Maintenance

It is essential to maintain recommended safe-to-swim pool chemistry levels through regular maintenance, whether it is a residential or commercial pool.

Our maintenance teams are highly trained and experienced in keeping pools clean and running smoothly. We have recently launched a mobile service, POOL DOCTOR, which provides fitness inspections and routine maintenance services at customer locations.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Cleans your pool without any manual help.


Deep nets & Flat net. Used to take up floating particles.

Pool Brush

Algae brush and Curve brush. Take away the algae or other formations on top to your pool water.

Vacuum Head

Used for manually cleaning your pool.

Telescopic Handle

Holds the vacuum head.

Vacuum Hose

Used for conveyance, discharging the dirt from the pool.

Test Kit

Used for testing the pH and chlorine level of your pool water.