Design and Construction of pool
Design and Construction of Swimming Pools
With our in house team of architects, designers & engineers we design and construct world class swimming pools to suit your every need. Trusted by over 11,000 clients across the country Millennium Pools is a brand you can trust with delivering your dreams. Each of our pools are designed and constructed to perfection. We only use the best equipment available in the industry because you deserve the best.
Steam and Sauna Rooms
If a Millennium Pool is not enough to make you feel like royalty we have a wide range of Steam and Sauna rooms which are custom made to fit your exact needs. Our Steam and Sauna rooms are designed specifically around the area given and even if you feel the allocated area might be too small our Architects, Designers and Engineers are available to design your Steam and Sauna in such a way to make the area feel spacious, relaxing and luxurious.
Fountains and waterbodies

Everything from a basic backyard garden to the complex musical fountain at the Bellagio, Las Vegas can be designed and executed by Millennium Pools. With our network of professionals within India as well as abroad we are capable of achieving the unimaginable and delivering beyond our clients expectations.


Not only do we Design and Construct your Swimming Pool, Steam, Sauna, Fountain or Waterbody, we also maintain it for you with our in-house team of water treatment specialist and water chemists and we are able to safeguard your investment and maintain it to always appear that it has been built the previous day.

Sewage Treatment
Gone are the days where sewage treatment used to cost outrageous amounts to construct, run and maintain. With our patented technology we can now install a Sewage treatment plant at your residence, housing complex, business park or hospital. We Design, Construct and Maintain your Sewage treatment plant which uses ZERO Electricity, NO Chemicals and requires minimal maintenance. Now you can finally go green in a cost effective manner.
Repair and Rennovation
If you have an old or existing pool, fountain, waterbody, Steam or Sauna that is not performing well or you want to make changes to it to provide a new sparkling look we got you covered. We not only build brand new structures but we also refurbish and renovate your existing pool as per your requirements so that it looks brand new again.
Facility Management
Millennium Facility Management provides a wide array of maintenance services, from buildings to grounds to equipment to security. We know each customer and tailor solutions specifically to fit our clients requirements. Our commitment is to customise a unique solution that adds value while reducing overall cost. Let us take care of your lighting, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, cleaning and security with cutting edge technology your facility couldn’t be in better hands.