Gunite Pools

The gunite process offered by Millennium Pools delivers durability, style, value, and aesthetics.

You get a highly compacted “monocoque” shell that’s 100% waterproof. We have perfected this technology platform along with Aquaplan – our associates in Switzerland.

  • Site preparation based on a client-approved blueprint.
  • Excavation and perimeter planning.
  • Working on the dugout profile to match pool configurations.
  • Installing a framework of steel rebars to reinforce pool walls and floor sections.
  • Installation of flow lines, main drains, and floor inlets, based on pool shape chosen.
  • Gunite mixture spraying – behind and around the rebar reinforcements created.
  • Smoothing and shaping of surface, post gunite treatment, using appropriate tools.
  • Installation of the plumbing system and backfilling the excavation.
  • Adding special effects – tiling, coping, and a decorative framework for the pool.
  • Installation of load-matched pumping and filtration system with maximum energy efficiency.
  • The final stage of testing the pool across a wide range of functional and design-plan parameters.

Quality Assurance

At Millennium Pools, quality assurance is the first priority that we are all committed to.