With so many lighting options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect light that reflects your pool environment.

Automatic Controls

From Automatic – Alarms, Chlorine Dispensers(dosing pump), Pool Cleaners, to the electric system, automation facilities in your pool will make you relaxed and hassle-free to enjoy your pool.

Filters & Pumps

The water pump sucks water from the pool and pushes it through the filter and then returns the clean water through the inlet. Thus helps to keep your pool clean.

Main Drain & Return Inlets

The water flows out from your pool through the main drain and reaches the filtration unit and various other systems. Purified water comes back to the pool through the inlet provided in the pool walls and floors.

Multiport valve

Connected to the filtration and pumping unit. Has multi-functions: filter, backwash, rinse and recirculate.


Used in Overflow Deck Pools to prevent water flow into the decks, collecting the overflowed water and sending them to the filtration & pumping unit


Used in skimmer-type pools to collect excess water flowing from the free board to the filtration unit.

Heating System

Control the temperature of your pool water by making it pass through the heating system which in turn flows back through the inlet to the pool.

Ozone System

Disinfect your pool by adding an ozone system that purifies the small impurities in your pool water and induces oxidation process in your pool.

UV System

Protect your pool water from bacteria, viruses, algae and parasite growth and also from chloramines by installing an UV system in your pool that prevents the above from contaminating your pool.

Dosing Pump

Injects chlorine directly into the pool water whenever required.


Add a personal waterfall to your pool by installing a cascading water feature to it.

Jacuzzi Jets

Relieve your stress and body ache with the intelligent massage jets installed in the custom-made jacuzzi.

Floor Bubbler/Air pads

Revitalise your body and stimulate your blood vessels with the help of air bubbles projecting straight to your body.

Counter Current

Personalised water current right inside your pool, providing you the best therapy for all your needs.

Pool Covers & Rollers

For dust-free and clear water pools – Millennium Pools offers our clients a choice of pool covers from leading manufacturers.

Stainless Steel Ladders

Provided to access your pool.

Water-Fountain Nozzles

Get customized water flow in your fountain or water body by using nozzles of varying diameter.